First Aid IT support is a type of IT support that provides immediate assistance to help companies or staff members with any
IT-related issues. This support helps to guide them through unfamiliar material and explain what the problem might be. It is
designed to provide quick solutions to urgent issues, allowing the company or staff member to continue their work with
minimal disruption. In essence, First Aid IT support acts as a first point of contact for IT problems, helping to diagnose and
resolve issues in a timely manner.

    Desktop Support

    • Overview of desktop support services
    • Basic types of desktop problems that can be resolved
    • Process for submitting a support ticket
    • First AID IT desktop onsite / remote support

    Email Support

    • Overview of email support services
    • Common email issues that can be resolved
    • Process for submitting a support ticket /
    • communication or guidance true ISP

    Technical Communication

    • Overview of technical communication services
    • Importance of communication in IT support
    • How the company can benefit from
    • technical communication

    Advisory & Guidance

    • Overview of advisory & guidance services
    • Types of IT solutions offered
    • How advisory & guidance can benefit the company

    Online web navigation & online training

    • Basic web app training (email / cloud storage / web applications)
    • Navigation true certain application after research.
    • Online video conference training.

    In conclusion, our team is dedicated to providing a wide range of services that go beyond just basic IT support. We offer
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    of helping businesses to achieve their goals. Whether you need help with a one-off project or ongoing support, our team is
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