Choose the right package for your business


  • 10 Pages
  • Domain (.com .net .info .org) $15 yearly
  • Hosting $80 yearly
  • Webspace 1GB
  • Responsive design mobile friendly
  • Shared speed
  • Email $24 yearly
Starters/ Simple/ Basic Information


  • 30+ Pages
  • Domain (.com .net .info .org) $15 yearly
  • Hosting $100 yearly
  • Webspace 2GB
  • Responsive design mobile friendly
  • Shared VPS speed
  • 10 Email box
Basic Information/ Blogging/ Services


  • 30+ Pages
  • Domain (.com .net .info .org) $15 yearly
  • Hosting $200 yearly
  • Webspace 10GB
  • Responsive design mobile friendly
  • VPS speed
  • 10+ Email box
Business/ Enterprise/ Production
Hosting VPS server 25GB 4G Ram | 2 CPU | 35-50 user | 20-30 company/location |Stock 2000 – 3500 USD 45.00 per month / annualy USD 42.50 per month
Hosting VPS server 12GB 2G Ram | 1 CPU | 15-35 user | 10-20 company/location |Stock 750 – 2000 USD 35.00 Per month / annualy USD 32.50 per month
Hosting VPS server 5GB 2G Ram | 1 CPU | 10-15 user | 5-10 company/location |Stock 100 – 750 USD 25.00 Per month / annualy USD 22.50 per month
Hosting VPS server 5GB 2G Ram | 1 CPU | 5-10 user | 1-5 company/location |Stock 100 – 750 USD 15.00 Per month / annualy USD 12.50 per month
Hosting VPS server 1GB 1G Ram | 1 CPU | 1-5 user | 1 company/location |Stock 10 – 50 USD  7.50 Per month / annualy USD 5.00 per month

Pricing list

For all type of business and organization we can provide the right fit of marketing services or busines solution. See the following industries

  • Agriculture industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Health care Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Music Industry
  • News Media Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Worldwide web
  • Computer Industry
  • Telecommunication industry
  • Transport Industry


A website is your digital invitation to potential customers. Research shows that 90% of online users start a search for websites and 88% of them start looking for contact. Furthermore, products and services of your company will be available 24hours of each day on international level.

Requests can be done thru email or call and a personal or virtual appointment will be booked. During this appointment more detailed information will be provided where needed. All clients will have to fill in a form with the required relevant information. This form needs to be signed and further appointments and agreements will be made.

Once all relevant information has been received and at least 75% of the configuration costs have been paid, a draft of the standard package will be delivered within 14 working days. Details of this will be coordinated and discussed with each client. The lead time of the other packages is determined based on the functionalities that are requested.

Yes, package change is possible. Each package change request will be handled individual. An adjustment form will have to be with the required relevant information will have to be filled in and signed.

Not everyone is on Facebook and they can use all your information to their own advantage. Facebook has a lot of limitations, such as the usable colors, while with your own website you can determine the colors yourself and created a much better user experiences. With Facebook you will be limited to location of administrator or page creator, but with our website designs all demographics will be adjusted to your requests and you will have full content control.